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About the Project

We started the implementation process of the Monitoring Freedom of Association Project, funded by the European Union and implemented in cooperation with the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV), in October 2021. This project, which is included in the Second Period of the Pre-Accession Assistance Instrument (IPA II) Civil Society Instrument and Media Program 2020 Programming, will last for 3 years.

The Freedom of Association Project, which aims to contribute to sensitive, inclusive, participatory, and representative decision-making processes at all levels, is implemented in collaboration with the Civil Society Development Center (STGM) and the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey ( TUSEV ).

The Freedom of Association Project is an important step in strengthening the long-term and strategic cooperation between the Civil Society Development Center (STGM) and the Third Sector Foundation of Turkey ( TUSEV ). Although this cooperation is based on joint projects and activities related to the fundamental issues of civil society in Turkey, it also has a remarkable background in the framework of projects funded by the European Union.

One of the first steps in this cooperation is the Project to Strengthen Civil Society Development and Civil Society-Public Sector Cooperation in Turkey, which was funded under the 2011 programming. Following the success of the project, within the framework of the Civil Society Support Programme -of which the Presidency of the European Union is the beneficiary-, in the 2014 programming of the period IPA II the project for strengthening the development of civil society and cooperation between civil society and the public sector II was included.

The monitoring of freedom of association, the strengthening of cooperation between the public sector and civil society, and the improvement of legislation carried out by TUSEV and STGM in both projects have been largely consolidated and have come to the fore, laying the foundation for the project on Monitoring Freedom of Association.


The Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TUSEV) was established in 1993 with the objective of strengthening the legal, fiscal, and operational infrastructure of civil society organizations

About STGM

STGM was founded in the year 2004 and its fundamental purpose is to support civil society organizations, which are the voices of citizens and essential actors of democracy, in becoming stronger and more capable of realizing more effective actions.